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GEAR shifted the focus away from distribution towards economic growth by providing a macro- economic framework that called for deficit reduction, fiscal prudence in terms of public expenditure and trade liberalisation Weeks, Together these authors provide a picture of a technical college sector distorted under colonialism by race and gender and located under apartheid within a racially defined and gender stratified society and labour market. Simon was extraordinarily generous with his time and ideas, always going far beyond the call of duty in his attention to the work. professional cover letter writing service test In terms of this, decisions are made as to what we are to measure and the information sets that are to be applied to these measures and, by virtue of this, decisions are also made as to what we are not going to measure and the information sets that are not to be included. Following the Apprenticeship Act of , which required that all apprentices attend technical classes, enrolment at technical colleges grew substantially from students in to approximately 21 in Malherbe, , p.

Within the domain of the real are objects that have causal powers and are capable of generating events. This data selection coincides with the exclusion, explicit or not, of other information seen as irrelevant. buy an essay unity in diversity in hindi Supporting the argument made almost three decades earlier by Foster a, b , he provides the key reason for this as being the divide that exists between the aspirations of policy makers for increased participation in VET and the aspirations of young people for academic rather than vocational education Psacharopoulos, and Foster, a and b. Economic opportunities that matter At this second iteration I was still unwilling and uncomfortable with releasing the quantitative component and it was only later, when confronted with the over pages of transcripts and the richness of the accounts therein, that the decision was made to forego the quantitative components in favour of a detailed and in-depth analysis of the interviews.

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Each of these terms has distinct historical trajectories differing across geographic locales. Last, but most definitely not least, is my son, Adam Powell. Phd thesis on vocational education pdf Whites, Africans, Coloureds and Indians. In contrast to closed systems and the deductive reasoning located therein, from a critical realist perspective causality is located not from the strength or weakness of the correlation of variables, but from the deeper and not easily recognised mechanisms and structures integral to the nature of an object.

The FET Act of was amended to allow college staff employment also to be shifted from the provinces to the national department. The third question, following on from the second, is what — from the perspective of students — are the outcomes of FET colleges? In each case, the theoretical leaning is towards highlighting the importance of agency, albeit for totally different reasons. Phd thesis on vocational education pdf In this context, this chapter follows Young in arguing that, The role of educational research and theory take on a new significance, not as perhaps was assumed a decade ago, just in providing prescriptions for new policies, but in providing intellectual spaces within which alternative policies and their possible consequences can be debated. A second concern raised by Wedekind and supported by McGrath and Lugg is with the technicist-managerial approach applied to much of the research undertaken.

Here his concern is that much of the research is insufficiently located in a broader sociological grounding. Critical realists distinguish between intransitive entities, which are the objects structures, powers, mechanisms and events that occur irrespective and independent of our study of them, and transitive entities, which are the arguments, discourses, narratives and paradigms that we produce about the objects of our study Longhofer et al. Phd thesis on vocational education pdf The chapter shows that the research questions are addressed through the experience of a small cohort of FET learners located at one South African FET college. In the early s technical education was tainted by the same stigma as industrial and vocational education, although to a lesser degree.

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Department of Education, , online The newly established FET college landscape contrasted sharply with the technical college landscape which was fractured and consisted of state and state-aided technical colleges with almost a third of these colleges having less than students. The methodology for this study went through various iterations during the development and refinement of the study. thesis proposal for mba It also allows reflection after graduation on the extent to which the college has or has not enabled them to achieve their life projects. They make one story, become the only story.

Rather, like the human capital, basic needs and sustainable development approaches, it should be seen as providing a framework and starting point for evaluating policies and its consequences on the lives that people live Tikly, The first is the application of the human capability approach which allows for a paradigm shift from the narrow focus of productivism to a focus on human wellbeing Tikly and Barrett, His argument is that freedom is central to the process of development for two distinct reasons.

In terms of this, decisions are made as to what we are to measure and the information sets that are to be applied to these measures and, by virtue of this, decisions are also made as to what we are not going to measure and the information sets that are not to be included. Skills development is core to the post- apartheid socio-economic development strategy. buy a paper towel lint free It is these opportunities, the extent to which FET colleges exist potentially as one of these, the manner in which students respond to them and the extent — from the perspective of students — to which FET colleges have enabled learners to achieve these unique life projects that is of interest to the study.

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In terms of this, Figure 3 provides a simplified depiction of the path from life project to functionings that shows how an individual, affected by structural and personal concerns delineates their life projects, then surveys their objective circumstances and makes discretionary judgments as to which sub-set of capabilities to actualise into valuable functionings. Instead, these goals are presented by policy texts as mutually inclusive and simultaneously possible. Phd thesis on vocational education pdf In the same manner, after having witnessed or students attend FET college who are not doing well academically at school the researcher could conclude, as Malherbe did see Chapter Two , that VET is for students who are not intelligent. He provides three justifications to support this argument.

The NCFE outlined the central problems inherent in the sector as being poor co- ordination; the poor public image of the sector as a sector that provides low quality and irrelevant training, and the low public funding of the sector. The hope is that expanding participation, and providing the financial assistance necessary for poor students to attend, will allow these students to access the skills and attitudes required for employability, leading in turn to sustainable incomes. Phd thesis on vocational education pdf The research was funded either directly by government, or by donors and businesses working in partnership with government. This chapter discusses these two bodies of their literature by providing the influence and contribution that they make to the current study and examining their respective strengths and weaknesses for the study.

He was pivotal in supporting my application to the University of Nottingham and providing emotional encouragement in my first few months in freezing Nottingham. The pressing nature of the reform process, and the research supporting this process, resulted in the tensions in the policy goals for FET colleges remaining largely unresolved and unexamined. Phd thesis on vocational education pdf These powers should not, however, be regarded as a law in the deductive logic of if-x- then-y see Chapter Five for further discussion. It describes knowledge production across three key periods. The focus group approach limited the nature of responses and the possible analyses as students and staff generally utilised the space to express group dissatisfaction with aspects of college services.

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