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The structure is not off-putting, but as someone who might consider teaching from this text, I question the rationale behind the logic but am given little explanation. Clarity of language and expression of concepts is well done. custom thesis written latex Reviewed by Susan Engel, Instructor, St. The topics in the book are not likely to become dated immediately. It covers current topics and concerns, but also includes all the traditional topics expected for Technical Writing courses.

The content is up to date; however, it may require revision as technologies evolve and change. I did not see any grammatical errors during my review. help me with my essay grandmother knitting Did the textbook assume students already understood writing as a process?

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It was edited well. While the frequent mention of things related to the Pacific Northwest does not limit the readability of the text, this reoccurring theme makes the book more relevant for readers from this area than from others. Technical writing services pdf book Comments I would use the book as a resource but not as a textbook for students. More of these new modalities are desirable as writing and reading moves to the Internet.

I would have liked to see more examples throughout the text. Some of the sections are particularly long, and can be tiresome to scroll through. Technical writing services pdf book The book is clearly arranged into chapters with clear titles and headings. The book's primarily focuses on the proposal but also covers other traditional technical writing assignments such as the cover letter and resume.

This linked resource is not formatted as professionally as the main text. Some chapters have features that others do not have, however. Technical writing services pdf book The text is geared towards an American culture. Presentations are another key genre for technical communication that is overlooked in the textbook.

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However, the text discusses at length the importance of audience awareness and cultural differences in writing, particularly applications that span multiple cultures. Hamlin, Rubio, and DeSiva begin with common types of professional communication like email and memo format; doing so provides an effective context for beginning writers. phd dissertations in finance Some of the graphics are a bit low-res, but nothing that would inhibit meaning Everything is rendered as plain text, which means that table formatting is screwy and all images including images of example documents are missing. Lacking an essential discussion of theory and concept, the textbook covers a limited range of genres, another writerly term that is not mentioned.

There is nothing to identify a particular culture, race or ethnicity. This is one of the areas where it might be most attractive to students who rely on it as a reference rather than a week-to-week resource. cheap term papers for sale questions and answers The crossover between chapters could be stronger. As a result, the content will regularly have to be updated as modes and media of communication and writing evolve.

However, there are several mentions of the technical report being the main document produced at the end of the term which is true and mentions of several prefatory documents needed for benchmarking along the way. However, one challenge with that is attempting to keep it current -- culture, like everything else in science and technology, changes very rapidly. persuasive essay helper zika virus These could be easily fit into the overall structure of the text although obviously other sources of information would need to be found. Students would appreciate the very good detail in the table of contents as well as the ease of navigating from section to section as needed. It can also a good starting point for interns and those considering a career change.

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I could definitely see the potential of a teacher taking certain sections and incorporating them into class notes or as a customized resource. In general, the information in the text is accurate, although some areas and issues would benefit from more nuanced or complex discussion. Technical writing services pdf book The text is up-to-date and covers the range of topics addressed in introductory technical and professional writing courses.

I did not expect to find an open textbook as useful or well-constructed as this is. The book lacks a glossary, which would also be a helpful addition. Technical writing services pdf book The text begins with the most common kinds of professional communication, including texts and e-mails, which demonstrates an understanding of current workplace needs. This is an area of strength for this publication, as it shapes very well around ideas for most proposal writers as well as the ethics of the field as we know it today. The text revolves around professional communication.

This text is offered in various formats which likely will help eliminate interface issues with certain sections. The text is consistent in its layout. Technical writing services pdf book I agree that this book will remain relevant over time. This is especially true of several introductory sections. The table of contents is linked to each section for quick finding.

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